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Rebekah’s “Bekah” Profile

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I am one of Nathan’s rabbits. He’s pretty nice to me. My name is Bekah, by the way. (What a interesting name!) I think my owner said the only reason he named me that is because “Benny” and “Bekah” sound good together. My previous owner didn’t give me a name. All I had was a number. I think my name/number was KD35. I lived in a barn with close to 50 other rabbits. My owner was nice to me. Every morning, she would come to break the ice out of my water dish. My new owner doesn’t break the ice. He doesn’t have to because, there is a big, bright, heat lamp that shines on my food and water. There is another rabbit next cage over. I like him pretty well. My owner has bred me with him before. Once I had  two babies and another time I had seven babies. In fact, I have babies on the way right now! I eat more than Benny. (That’s a note Nathan wanted on this thing.) I think that’s all that I can think of. Any questions?

Me on the 23 of March, 2008

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